Anne Sharp Illustration
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Hello, welcome - if we've not met, I am a well-established illustrator, living and working in Somerset.  Much of what you see on this site has been painted in acrylic, but I currently generate most images in Photoshop.
Do try me on something you don't see here - I love tackling new things,and if an illustration is wanted in a style that cannot already be demonstrated but feels suitable, I am happy to work on a 'fee only if client is satisfied' basis - some of my favourite working connections have started out that way.


Working history:  Since leaving Kingston with a First Class Honours in Graphic Design and joining Folio, the internationally renowned illustration agency, I have worked widely in advertising, packaging, editorial and publishing.

Advertising campaigns have included much [painted] alcohol - Becks, Guinness, Bell's, Long John and Dewars and more - and many other leading brand names like Halifax, Persil and Vodaphone.  Packaging has covered more familiar names, such as Safeways, Sainsbury, Yardleys and Baxters.  Editorial work has been in most of the Sunday supplements and various other magazines, including the Radio Times and Tatler magazine.

Publishing output has involved covers for a wide range of titles, black and whites for children's paperbacks, and in particular a range of pop-up and jigsaw books for Macmillan.

I do various projects with Everett Fine Art, a picture restoration studio, which has got me back into working with oil paints.