Anne Sharp Illustration
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detail of Tatler portrait
Tatler magazine portraits
In the style [approximately!] of Victorian Vanity Fair magazine portraits, for a series of articles about members of the aristocracy with public roles.  The brief was to portray each subject as younger than they currently are, in period or formal dress
detail of anti-litter gif
Joining the anti-littering heroes
My husband and many other people have been doing sterling work trying to keep litter levels down - I want to have a go at circulating something to encourage people [yet again!] not to throw it away in the first place.  Please click on the image to see a little animation to that effect - and feel free to download and share if you'd like to!
detail of book cover
Book covers
Three paperback and e-covers for novels by PA Latter
detail of Airbnb web page illustration
Airbnb webpage background illustration
Designed to lead the website visitor into dreaming about travelling to somewhere lovely  - when circumstances allow!
detail of Buoycatcher logo
Logo for ingenious boating gadget
When you watch a Buoycatcher device in action, even a non-boater can see it's a very clever device for getting a mooring rope through the ring of a buoy - here's a neat 60 second video of it in action, if you copy this link into your browser:    
book jacket snippet
Another series of book covers
Commissioned for two thrillers by Andrew Segal, published by Happy London Press
Facebook portraits
Three portraits for a book published by Facebook
The bulk of the portraits were made by Folio's brilliant Mercedes de Bellard, I was asked in to help out with completing the series
lion cubs
An Elite Traveller article on a wild-life hotel
Where, in darkest Kent, you can see lions and other animals from the comfort of your own rooms [including bathroom!] at a luxurious animal-sanctuary-focussed hotel
detail of spoof bank note
Four 'bank notes' and a couple of vouchers
A more personal way of letting family members know that money has been transferred for their birthday or Christmas present - printed out and put in their cards
Aeronauts balloon
Gatefold illustration for Sunday Times Magazine article
About the true story on which the Eddie Redmayne film 'The Aeronauts' was [very, very loosely] based, looking at the extraordinary heights reached and somehow survived by two intrepid weather balloonists in 1862
detail from Vodafone campaign
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