Anne Sharp Illustration
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detail of travel illustration
Travel illustration
An editorial commission to accompany an article on exclusive travel tours of Tanzania - specifically, the Empakaai Crater, with its salt lake and huge numbers of flamingos
detail of voucher
A five pound voucher to encourage potential new audience members to sample the delights of a Taunton Sinfonietta concert
detail of Figaro promo
Program cover
An image to go on the program cover and be used in advance publicity for a modern dress, Hollywood set production of Mozart's Marriage of Figaro, from Somerset Opera
detail of Royal Mail crest
Crest for historic Royal Mail carriage
Fenix Carriages' beautiful restoration of the last Royal Mail 'Quicksilver' stage coach required an appropriate crest to be painted on both the carriage doors
detail Thomas Cole painting copy
Copy of 19th Century American painting, 'Desolation' by Thomas Cole
Commissioned copy [3ft x 2ft, just over half the original dimensions] - a chance to study closely a great painter's work, shown in a special exhibition at the National Gallery in 2018
mini book cover
Book covers
For two thrillers written by Andrew Segal, published by Happy London Press
detail of girl and cat
An experiment, to demonstrate how one painting developed
As a break from some pretty routine work, I had a just-for-the-heck-of-it go at keeping a record of the various stages of creating a computer-painted illustration, turned into a Gif.  The early frames are pretty hideous, but see what you think of it eventually....
detail of Gainsborough copy
Repainting of damaged copy of a Gainsborough portrait
One of the more interesting commissions in recent months - an unconvincing copy of Gainsborough's famous portrait of Mrs Siddons was cleaned and partly-restored by a restoration team.  They weren't happy with the result, and asked if I would make it look as much like the original Gainsborough as possible
logo detail
Logo for local environmental consultancy GRTS
A logo for use on letterheads and website
detail of cats logo image
Logo image for Wedding Photographer
The photographer's own cat was to be included, portrayed as the 'bride' cat in a feline wedding pair, with a British Blue as the 'groom'
detail of program cover for concert
Cover for Blue Green Machine concert program
A unique concert combined professional and amateur musicians and singers, including young choirs from local schools - a lively and thoughtful collection of pieces celebrating our planet and the universe.  The organisers were so pleased with the program cover that they used it to make impromptu extra posters to herald the show
detail of Guy Fawkes poster for Parliament
Guy Fawkes poster for Houses of Parliament
A computer-generated 'painting' for a campaign advising MPs to stay secure on the internet.  The art director later said the project had received much favourable comment from both houses, with requests for copies of the poster, and that several had been nicked - he reckoned in the circumstances that was quite a compliment!
detail of jungle image for Edinburgh museum
Posters and other publicity for National Museums Scotland
One huge computer-painted illustration to be combined with photographs of the 'stars' of a big exhibition in Edinburgh about primates, 'Monkey Business'.  It's being used for posters, banners, leaflets, bookmarks, badges, sides of buses, and more!
detail of Hopper label
Two more illustrations for bottles and boxes of new Hopper beers
- a Fall brew, and a Pumpkin one
Detail of face of lion
Asian lions and their food-chain
Illustrations for deployment on posters showing the difference between African and Asian lions, and the food chain of the latter, for a new enclosure at London Zoo
A huge restorative-painting project
A painting, which was very dark when first bought, turned out to portray the myth about the goddess Diana turning an unfortunate hunter, who saw her bathing, into a stag.  The painting had been hanging in a convent, and someone had painted clothes onto all the naked figures - making something of a nonsense of the subject!
owl for new company styling
A series of owls and owlets
A new financial company preparing to start-up in the city commissioned the creation of an owl to characterize the business.  It was great fun making up a hopefully-believable owl, to avoid any possible copyright clashes with other companies using owls
repair-paint of old oil painting
Restoration of old oil painting
After Everett Fine Art repaired, re-canvassed and cleaned off heavy re-working on this painting, I had the good fortune to find very good reference on line, to repaint the image more closely to the original.
This was one of the most interesting of many pieces of restorative painting I've done in recent months
logo for Acorn Homeopathy
An assortment of logos
Click on image to see several recent logo commissions
Visualisation for Aardman ad pitch
Visualisation for Aardman Animations
Characterisation visual to accompany pitch for animated advertisement - Aardman were selected to make the ad in question
Another crest for carriage
Fenix carriages restored another beautiful old carriage, and commissioned a version of the owners' crest to be painted directly on to the side and back doors of the vehicle
original antique oil painting
Enhancement of two 'old masters'
Two small old oil paintings in very poor condition were the starting point for this job.  The owner wanted them more than touched up, to be images that would look ok from a few feet away, as 'wall-paper'....
Mini Annie Scissorhands
Everline press and poster campaign
Advertising loans to small businesses -- briefed to depict an ultra-modern client in proudly old-fashioned style
Detail Vodafone Venice poster
Another Vodafone poster
A large illustration of 18th Century Venice, with a forward thinking gondolier plying his trade in a totally different way.....
Detail of Nursery school sign
Nursery School sign
Two bunnies commissioned for a nursery school name-board and stationery
Detail of texture experiment
Check these out.....
Click on image to see examples of an entirely new [as far as I know] method of enriching both texture and colour in computer-painted work
Detail of Vodafone Mole
Further Vodafone posters
Two more large scale posters for Vodafone's communication-linking technology
Detail of E-book cover
Two e-book covers
One for Eleanor Allen's book Ghost Dog, a re-working of the original paper-back cover, and one for a new e-book
Detail of Cable Car casing decoration
Table Mountain Cable Car
Side and base illustration applied to the exterior of the Cable Car taking sight-seers up the spectacular side of South Africa's Table Mountain
Detail of Vodafone poster advertising campaign
Vodafone poster campaign
3 illustrations for a Vodafone poster campaign across different sites in Ireland, promoting communication-linking designed to give users a distinct advantage over those using standard systems

Detail of Buddha mandala
More Mandalas
Further illustrations for book of Mandalas, to aid contemplation on particular themes
[see also 'Meditation Mandalas' showing earlier work for same series]

Detail of 'Smart Cities' advertising campaign
Qatari Diar 'Smart Cities' development promotion
Illustration for use by Qatar's major building and development company, promoting its interest in projects which enhance the lives of those living in the resulting communities

Detail of unicorn family crest
Unicorn Crest
Three unicorn crests [designed by David Lawrence] adapted and painted directly onto the side and back doors of an antique horse-drawn carriage being restored by Fenix Carriages for use at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

Detail of one of series of wine labels
Lyme Bay Wine Labels
Six labels for a range of local English wines

Brand image for Highland Wineries labels
Highland Wineries label image
Brand-identity image for Highland Wineries labels

Detail from one of six hoardings for Qatar
Doha Sheraton development-site hoardings
Six illustrations commissioned for the perimeter fence around a large development area in the capitol of Qatar

Detail of American Belgian Beer label
Hopper Whitman beer label illustrations
Illustrations for two labels, for standard and winter versions of an American-produced Belgian-style beer 

Detail of old-fashioned movie poster
Old-movie-poster style
Latest portfolio-broadening piece, taking the stars of the modern 'Moulin Rouge' and portraying them in the style of a bygone movie era

Renoir adapted - detail
Have sometimes been asked to adapt well-known paintings. This one imagines Renoir catching sight of Kate Winslet and remodelling one of his earlier portraits

Russian dancing bear detail
One that didn't happen....
A very nice brief for a vodka label evaporated before getting properly underway - the new-to-me style that had been required was interesting enough to have a go at anyway.....

Tourist information board detail
Stavordale Forest
Tourist Information board for ancient woodlands owned by Cameron Mackintosh, carefully husbanded to enable various wild-life environments to flourish

Impact magazine cover detail
Impact Magazine
Cover for ACE business association magazine, providing news and views on the consultancy and engineering  sector for ACE members

Meditation mandala detail
Meditation Mandalas
Images for book of Mandalas to aid meditation practices

Label for Delicious magazine
Delicious Magazine
Label supporting purchase and use of knobbly vegetables rather than the uniformity of shape required by many large retailers

Nurse!Nurse! cover detail
Nurse! Nurse!
Cover for autobiographical account of the laughs, joys and woes of being a student nurse

detail of cover for book on human body
Pop-up Human Body
A series of ingenious pop-ups and flat illustrations and diagrams, displaying major aspects of our anatomy - the skeleton,
what's inside our head, what goes where inside our abdomen, lungs and circulation, and more....